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iPhone 5 Jailbreak Quick Links

iphone image iPhone 5 Jailbreak Quick LinksCheck out the important and best links for iPhone 4 Jailbreak. The list includes basic guides on how to use iPhone and also includes articles where you can watch 7 different videos on how to Jailbreak iPhone 4.

AppTrackr for iPhone

AppTrackr for iPhone is a fast growing website that is used to share and download more than fifteen thousands apps. Its basically the replacement for Appulous which was used to serve the same purpose for over a year but at the end all its efforts were went in a vain. The reason for it may be that Appulous was very much unmaintained and day by day it was becoming sluggish. On the other hand comparatively the website of AppTrackr is much faster than Appulous and is functionally more advanced. continue reading

Top 20 iPhone apps of 2012

Existing users looking to expand their apps collection or new user in need of good apps look no further. The best apps that are currently available at iTunes are compiled here into a concise list. The list includes apps ranging from day-to-day must haves to boredom breakers. Here is the list of top 20 iPhone apps of 2012: continue reading

Jailbreaking iPhone Pros and Cons

We often hear about the process called “jailbreaking” in an iPhone. Jailbreaking has indeed earned itself a surplus amount of reputation for its astonishing benefits and favorable outcomes. The term Jailbreaking signifies breaking down all kinds of barriers imposed on it by network operators for example Vernon, Apple, AT&T etc. A lot of benefits flow along with the process thus making it quite a favorable one for the users.  continue reading

Top 10 Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 4S

Apple Inc. introduced their iPhone 4S first on 14 Oct’11. Ever since it has gained lot of popularity around the world. It came up with the iOS 5.0.1 version and all the major service providers have the deal with it. Whenever we jailbreak our iPhone 4S it opens to the huge application and fun stuff of Cydia Tweak. Here we gave the common top 10 Cydia Tweak for iPhone 4S. continue reading

What is Unlocking iPhone?

There have been many tutorials regarding the iPhone. But one of the most important tasks that tech lovers want to know about is Unlocking of iPhone. For all eccentric software developers and engineers, it is a very easy to unlock an iPhone, but for normal users it’s quite an uphill task. Being a very tough and tedious procedure, who wouldn’t want to learn an easy step-by-step procedure for correct unlocking of the iPhone?  Let us see how it is done. continue reading

iPhone Jailbreak Instructions for iPhone 4S iOS 5

Jailbreak is a process of extending the features and application provided by the Apple in iPhones, iPods etc. It allows access to the operating system from which one can extend the features that are limited by the app store. Through jailbreaking one can also run software that are not recognized or blocked by Apple. Thus it is usually unethical to do so. But since it provides a lot of benefits it is a very high practice and now this practice has also become legal to some extent. Different organizations give different jailbreak instructions. It is highly essential to choose the correct set of instructions so as to avoid hacking and other system errors. continue reading