iPhone 4S Problems and Solutions

Apple Inc. released their latest iPhone 4S on 14 Oct’11 and so far it’s going quite good on selling. iPhone 4S is using the iOS 5.0.1 version and it has a good essence of it. Though the specifications and features are good enough but still there are some flaws under the hood.

iPhone 4S screen 11 iPhone 4S Problems and Solutions

iPhone 4S Problems and  Solutions

The problems related to iPhone 4S are kind of minor type with some major ones.

  1. The most common problems users are facing are the battery life. iPhone 4S is sucking the battery like a monster. Primarily it can be because of lots of applications running but actually it happens because of the hardware structure of it. It is found that the new heavy duty A5 Processor can be the cause of it. Apple is working on the problem and we can hope that it will be resolved soon.

iphone 4s battery 2 iPhone 4S Problems and Solutions

  1. Many carriers (at&t, Sprint, Orange, O2, Vodafone etc.) paid a hefty amount of money to get iPhone 4S in their pocket but noticeably the data speed on Sprint is quite slow for 3G. As already Sprint has a low data speed for 3G compared to others, additionally it got magnified by the iPhone 4S. As the problem associated with Sprint, Apple and Sprint are working on that to fix it.
  2. Another common problem associated with Siri is that when we are in a different country it can’t be accessed. Sometimes Siri can’t understand hard accents; non-native English speakers may have a problem with it. And worst of all Siri isn’t working at all. This may be because of Siri is still in the beta version. Though the solutions aren’t so effective but here’s something we can try. First we have to turn off Siri then follow the steps: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All. Sometimes this can fix the problems with Siri but the fix is not assured. Also Apple hasn’t given any reasonable solutions to this. Maybe that’s why they still made Siri in the beta version.
  3. According to some users the camera opening of iPhone 4S is causing some problems. As soon as the camera launches the camera doesn’t open. As the problem is not found in all iPhone so you can take the phone to nearest Apple store, they can tell you what to do.
  4. Though tiny but visually the tinted screen of iPhone 4S is a drawback. Compared to iPhone 4 it is kind of washed out type and greenish. As it comes with manufacturing so we can only hope that next time Apple will fix it.
  5. This is an irritating problem when we are going to make a call on iPhone 4S it gets mute on calling so we can’t hear anything from other side making more difficult to call. Using headphone or handsfree is a possible solution but it is not a worthy one.
  6. Last but not the least the launch of iOS 5 which is on iPhone 4S have made many apps unsupportable. Though it’s not related to hardware but still it is a toll to the service and quality of iPhone 4S.

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